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is taking a step back in time. how it could be threatened by cuts. abc 7 news at 4:00 starts right now. >> good afternoon, everybody, i'm layer kbreel. >> an apparent black friday shopping trip ended in a tragedy for a family. >> this morning an suv crashed into a chp vehicle, leaving two sisters dead. this was the scene from sky 7 hd. the crash left some lanes of highway 101 closed more than six hours. abc 7 news joins us live at the stanford medical center with more. john? >> larry two, victims from the crash are here at stanford. the mother, one daughter most severely injured. the other family members are in valley medical center in san jose. about an houring ao, some relatives came out and told us a second daughter passed away.
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the chp is not confirming that. this started out as a joyous shopping trip to buy gifts for the holiday as well as for a wedding that is now not going to happen. the family smashed lexus was on the side of highway 101 six hours, broken windows, air bags exposed. i along the freeway, gifts, clothes some still had price tags on them. family members tell abc 7 news the group left the home in san bruno around 11:30 last night to go shopping in gilroy saying the 24-year-old daughter who died was set to return to india to get married in next month or so. >> they went shopping and in this area, maybe gilroy, somewhere. i don't know yet. they want to go to india for married. >> this morning while returning from shopping the family's suv clipped the back of a cruiser, that had just pulled over near the embarcadero road. the suv rolled. theztap officer stopped to assit
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people in a truck fixing a flat. the chp says the officer was several feet from traffic. >> he had on emergency lights in the back. if you notice they're enforcing if you see an officer or a tow truck on the right, you try to move left if possible. >> the chp says the father was driving with his wife in the passenger seat n the back their four daughters ages 12-24. >> four parties appeared to have been restrained. under investigation the parties ejected whether or not they were wearing their seat belts. >> the chp officer says he was wearing a seat all. all lanes were open, but foufr still closed are the express way onramp as well as
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embarcadero road off ramp. chp trying to figure out why this car veered, saying there is no signs of drug or alcohol and no citations or charges. >> a big scare for a group of people enjoying the bay on the yacht. the bay started to take on water near the bridge. seven people, a dog, cat and snake were aboard the yacht. crews and the coast guard both helped out, making it off the boat safely including animals.. >> emergency crews are mopping up after a fire damaging a san jose apartment complex last night. 18 people had to be evacuated from the building on willow leave drive, temperatures took three hours to bring that blaze under control. one firefighter went to the hospital with a fractured vertebrae and concussion. residents say a fire in a fireplace may have spread up to the roof. >> police are looking for the
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people involved in an overnight shooting in a nightclub. bouncers at club 101 say a fight spilled into the parking lot. 50 people were outside. two men were wounded. >> black friday shoppers have been out in force all day taking advantage of disdoudñ th. >> the parking lot was packed before 6:00 a.m. at the new paragone outlets shopping there is going smoothly. >> when it comes to black friday, timing is everything. >> waited in line like an hour. just to sit here, but parking wasn't too bad. >> trying to get off the freeway, maybe 45 minutes.. >> shopper arrived at midnight two, hours after the new paragone stores opened. people who came later had an
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easier time of it. jackie arrived at 7:00 a.m. >> i drove from marin county and flew in here. >> whether early morning or overnight, shoppers were over the moon. >> i was surprised with prizes and a lot of good deals. so impressed. i know my husband is going to be happy with that. we'll see. >> i don't know what i was expecting other than keep on receiving coupons in the mail. i find everything 50% so it's fantastic. >> there is more where that came from. >> if some retailers ran specials, then, ran different specials until 3:00, some until 10:00. then, others are doing different specials throughout the day. >> the definition of end of the day is different depending on which shopper you ask. just don't ask their mother. >> you're going to break the bank. >> one early bird specials are over, we'll be flying the coop. >> it's only an estimate but
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officials anticipate at least $100,000 people will be shopping here over the 24 hour period that is black friday. in livermore, abc 7 news.b!ot >> hearing in pinole ended a week of camping. this was security on hand to make sure shoppers didn't bust down doors, managers say they can't recall people camping out for bargains. the national retail federations expect millions of americans will go sthoping today, down from last year. the figure was 220 million. >> black friday shopping descended into chaos at some stores. shoppers fighting it out for good deals. take a look at this. >> this is taken just after midnight, punches being thrown
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groups of shoppers, police officers broke up fights. no one was aroasted. >> happy holidays.. >> yes. take a look at this mob scene in a walmart in chicago. shoppers rushing in, just start grabbing boxes. waffle iron is mine! nothing more than madness here. >> some decided to get out of the way of the crowd for safety. >> some used pepper spray to control what is being described as an anxious shopper, police are say something sort of fight took place. two people taken way in handcuffs. >> and pushing, shoving screaming in kansas. they opened their doors this morning. store employees and mall
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security just overwhelmed by the crowd looking to get first dibs on deals. why the fuss? victoria's secret giving away free tote bags with a surprise item inside. >> in sacramento a shopper threatened to stab other people in line asw%nvq doors opd yesterday morning. workers came outside to get vouchers for people in line. some began yelling and cutting in line z screaming >> for the most part it has been orderly it may be late for some of the best deals, but you can still check offerings out before joining crowds. we've comp yild a list of stores. you can browse sales on our
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web site a ban on shark fin soup taking affect soob. >> one group threatening to fight it to the highest court in the land. >> in san francisco, the state's new shark fin ban set to take affect january 1. chinese community says it wants to set the records straight on misconceptions used to pass that bill. bill 376 prohibits sale, purchase or possession of shark fin in california to. populations also seeking to prevent finning where the fin is cutoff and the shark thrown back to die. the chinatown neighborhood association says there is a law against finning. there are no endangered shark species in the u.s.. saying it's not fair to use the rest of the legally caught sharks just not the fin. the association says it plans to take this all the way to the supreme court necessary.
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>> there is word help for salmon populations is working. >> officials say the population in the russian river is thriving. >> this is dry creek. a beautiful day. but there is more going on here, if you look, beneath that water you can see salmon. preparing to spawn and continue the life cycle this, year, they are coming back in larger numbers than we've seen in the last decade. >> p excess of 6300 fish. >> that is doctor greg horton they have been focusing on coho and stheeld but seeing choonic in large numbers bodes well. >> it's an indicator of how good conditions are.
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>> and a good start, anyway. >> time to check on the forecast. >> high hi, spencer we're in post thanksgiving glow. mild weatherév9(ç continues. you can see cloud free skies now. it's been another mild day. readings in mid to upper 60s. 68 in redwood city. 66 on the coast. and this is our first forecast. turn cooler in fact will be chilly with sunny skies we'll see patchy of fog in valleys low temperatures into upper 30s in north bay valleys overnight, tomorrow afternoon, mild again, milder than today as a matter of fact. highs from mid to upper of 0s on the coast to low 70s around the bay and inland. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up.
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>> thank you so much, spencer, still ahead at 4:00 black friday deals weren't the only thing that had people standing in line today. why it was a good day for giants fans.. >> battle for holiday dollars. how a new tax on internet purchases changed a playing field. >> cutting the cord when it comes to music, taking a look at wireless speakers and impact on audio quality. >> looking at the skyway, head together east bay, left to right, just fine. better than you'd expect on a weekday. it's a holiday for many people. but congested on the ride side of the screen stay with us, abc news at 4:00 continues in
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online retailers collect tax
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only in states in which they have a physical presence. now, amazon is building two giant warehouses including this one near los angeles a million square feet, for the old fashioned retailers it's another reason to worry. >> why? because amazon goal to get items to customers faster, and to be able to offer same day delivery that. is right you can avoid stores and have a package delivered in a matter of hours. a win for consumers but tough for local retailers. >> if amazon creates distribution centers, that take as way from one advantage we see retailers have left to compete against amazon. it's a big deal. >> the analyst says1wñi that mes retailers need to up their game. >> they need to focus on the consumer experience and to be more sophisticated off line, and on line. >> those who want a lesson
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could learn from book city in san francisco. >> we'vek7a> if it's a tidal wave of change, michael tucker's dozen stores are thriving. >> everybody can get books but the staff that we have and readers we have that are working with the public that is difference, a different factor we had on. tremendous staff. >> a basic reminder to all retailers that good customer service could be the factor from wing over business. >> heading into the weekend, it's fantastic out there. up to 70 degrees today, upper 60s i'm sure someone hit 70. looking down onto the bay, here is another illustration
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of skies. cloud free conditions, rain free. milder than you can imagine when the day after thanksgiving is late november. so this sour look at the forecast features. sunny skies, mild again tomorrow, we'll see gradual cooling then a rainy pattern. a more seasonal pattern, looking for lows to drop to upper 30s in north bay valleys. we'll see patches of fog in interior valleys and fog spilling in from the central valley. low temperatures into the 40s, a larnl range of high pressure. at the moment the storm track is staying north. 7:00 this evening, you can see high pressure will continue to hold on. we'll get cooler
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sunday because overnight tomorrow night and into sunday, fog returning to drop temperatures. however, as we skip ahead to next week starting tuesday, we'll see rainy pattern beginning this sweep in on wednesday. and continuing into thursday. at least three consecutive days of rainy weather but tomorrow, sunny skies and mild, high temperatures into the south bay, low 70s. mid to upper 60s on the coast. a high of 68 tomorrow. 66 in the sunset district. áqx 71 union city. inland east bay highs above 70 degrees. near monterey bay, we'll see mid to upper 7s moving inland from the bay.
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gradual cooling begins sunday and monday. clouds increasing tuesday, then rain wednesday, thursday, friday. and perhaps into the weekend. >> thank you. >> up next, why thanksgiving wasn't quite a family affair for halle barry. the fight that brought police to her home. >> christmas arrives at the white house. >> checking traffic once again, this is a live take a look from our camera. on the righthand side of the screen this is i 80 east. kind of congested here.
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halle barry's ex-boyfriend has been arrested after a fist fight with her fiancee. police say her ex-boyfriend was dropping off their 4-year-old daugt skbrer a fight broke out between him and barry's fiancee. aubry has been treated for injuries to his face. >> the day after thanksgiving brings another holiday tradition to the white house, arrival of a white house christmas free. the frasier fir arrived this morning and made the trek all the way from north carolina
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farm. first lady michelle obama and president's two daughters there to check the tree out. they gave it a sniff and thumbs up. >> we invite you to share the holiday food drive. for more information and location nearest you go to abc 7 >> much more is ahead. how black friday could be threatening bay area smaller businesses. >> if there are major tensions in the middle east at this hour. the nation's president moves to give himself new powers.. >> new name for mexico? big change the nation's leader wants to make just a wee
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>> the tale of two shopping jernts on this black friday. here is a look at packed parking lot at southhand naul hayward. folks packed bigger malls this year, some shops are suffering. abc 7 news is live in burlingame with more on that. david? >> last count america's
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economy made up of 23 million small businesses such as ones at burlingame. on this black friday, many of them being overshadowed but shoppers at malls and now, major chains cut putting squeeze on them, on mean streets of the bay area. locales call it the avenue, however, it's a cluster ofzç$r boutiques and shops, now dominated by chains, ones often found in malls and on this black friday, those chains have brought predatory pricing that threatened viability of shops owned by four generations of the same family. >> everybody talks about black friday. 50%. >> i cannot do that. people come here because they want to stay away from malls. they don't want a part of it. that saved me. >> main streets find consumers have grown accustomed to and
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expect rock bottom prices.. >> people are looking for prices. there are some people that we have. that is how we are surviving here. but not everybody, anyone. >> a campaign to get shoppers to support the stores owned by sole pro pry tores. >> you do like to support those. you get a small coffee shop and people that like to support the local coffee shop, then you have other coffee shop was lines out of the door. it is what sit. >> the owner of the broadway grill says small businesses need a boost. >> some money. start with small business, help them out. go, spend money. that is what i have to say. >> small business owners say they're getting slammed by what tax rates will be in
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january. one shop owner told me she let two sales people go. in burlingame, abc 7 news. >> david, tough. this has been an orderly black friday around the bay area. at city target, shoppers filed through front doors in hopes of getting best deals. a lot of them have been waiting in line for hours. >> this could be remembered as the year some shoppers acted like the grinch who stole christmas. police investigating shopping related pandemonium. abc news reporter has the images from some. >> their black friday bargain hunters pushing, shoving. yelling.
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>> that is too much. >> swearing and threatening. in a serious incident police say a man left his girlfriend's 2-year-old snon a car while he went shopping for a new flat screen tv. police alerted by store security found the boy asleep in the car in a k mart parking lot. officers forced their way into the car and took the boy to the hospital. in a different k mart, tempers flared when plasma tvs sold out. everybody started going crazy bit. cops came in. >> some people were shopping for others, others just shopping for, well... >> i didn't get any shopping done. >> this black friday began earlier than ever. angering employees today sh hundreds of those employees are protesting across the
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country demanding respect. >> if you're worried you may have missed out, have no fear. experts say there are more door busters to bust open before holidays are over. >> now, protests and tear gas punctuating a tense day following a move by the president there to grant himself more power, police unleashed tear gas at demonstrators. forces set fire to several offices of the party yesterday amendmenting interim constitution to make decisions immune to review or court orders. thousands gathered in tahrir square. the cease fire continues to hold. a group of palestine yinz came los to the border fence.
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one person was killed and people neert fence appeared to be taunting the soldiers. the cease-fire took affect two days ago, bringing an end to nearly a week of back and forth shelling. >> mexico's president wants his country to be known as mexico, period. it's official name is the united mexican states. he has just a week left in office doesn't want his country to&ébe imitate other nations. newspaper reports say some want to change the name to fraudland highlighting corruption in the calderon regime. >> a different photo finish. a man surprised his girlfriend >> disney characters like you've never seen them before. unusual holiday display that has gone up in a prominent store. >> how about this november display? sunny skies and a warm
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weather. i'll have the accu-weather forecast to let you know how long this will last. >> nice day to get outside. you're looking at the toll bridge and if you're heading into the city you're going to be backed up. stay with
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it's time for heart warming surprises caught on camera thanksgiving day. >> love is in the air. old national turkey day 5 k in indiana chelsea reese broke down in tears after her long time boyfriend proposed at the finish line. friends and family held signs reading "will you marry me?" she said let me think bit. no. no. she said yes. >> there is not he anyone else i'm more thankful for than him, so it's perfect. >> the happy couple has been dating five years. >> a young dancer in vegas got a early surprise, take a look at this, rehearsing she hurricane looked up and saw her dad walk through the door, he came home after a 14 month tour of duty in afghanistan. >> military kids take a lot. they take all the bad, not always the good. >> that is riley's mom, the
4:40 pm
only one in on the surprise. >> good for that family. >> you nay not realize it, but there are other things to do this weekend if you don't want to shop. >> really? >> what? >> will, after family and friends, food, football, you can go to the movies. absolutely. >> randy hit looks at the weekend's holiday film. >> if you're looking for a way to unwind this weekend, what about fun taking in the new film is in the holiday weekend has plenty to choose from starting with the movie that hit theaters this week. the director brings the look to life on the big screen its one of the best movies of the year, hands down. >> telling the tale of a boy stranded on a boat with a tiger. >> this is a good film. and i feel like that is an
4:41 pm
understatement. >> and a different adventure. a remake of red dawn starring chris hemsworth. >> the bad guy in this movie is north korea. the problem(w is when they shot it, it was china they changed it. they didn't want to offend the chinese government. >> there is enemy the rise of the guardian starring everyone's favorite. >> on the bunny. >> alec baldwin. >> oh, good. >> and jude law. opening today, one master for traying another. helen mirren co-stars. >> i promised mother i won't
4:42 pm
tell. >> i just saw the knife and froze. you know what? you can go to the movies. >> here is spencer christian. >> i don't want to kill business for theaters but it's go tok a weekend for outdoor activities. taking a look at live doppler 7, just gets milder, nationwide tomorrow, looking for mainly dry and pleasant conditions. in the pacific northwest, tomorrow, we'll see mainly sunny skies from top to bottom, will be mild to warm. 71 in big sur, moving up to the bay area, milder conditions tomorrow sunny skies tomorrow, 68 from half moon bay. we'll get low 70s on the other
4:43 pm
side of the bay. up north, 73 in clover dale. it's just delightful. things going start to change a little bit sunday. i'll tell you more about that on the news at 5:00. >> thank you. >> still ahead, the dangers lurking in those thanksgiving leftovers. tips so you can avoid getting
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checking healthy living news thanksgiving dinner is a meal that keeps on giving but there is danger, some 400,000 americans coming down with illnesses after thanksgiving. heb.uv a formula from exforts avoid disaster. two hours refrigerate all left overs within two hours of the
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meal. fill containers no more than two inches to allow rapid chilling and eat leftovers within four days other wise, freeze them. if suffering from heart burn it could be a sign of gerd. it can flare up if you overeat and drink alcohol. a valve opens and closes to let it enter the stomach but the valve doesn't shut properly allowing acid back in. it can be treated with medication to control acid this, is national gerd awareness week. >> a larnl study suggests boy tro ducts do not prevent symptoms associated with menopause, a study of 3,000 women between 42 and 52, found soy did not prevent hot flashes or night sweats. there is a chemical that is
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thought to mimic affect of the female hormone in the body. >> back to shopping now. tech gadgets would include wireless speakers. michael finney shows us convenient features some models offer and which will give you best sounds. consumer reports just tested wireless speakers making it easy to stream without a bunch of wires. music to other devices without complicated connection. consumer reports tested1ágg eigw
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the top speakers had very good audio. consumer reports recommends the stylish edifire spinna ks ker systems. and you can't get better audio wrote if you pair two of the
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speakers. consumer reports says another plus of the wi-fi speakers, you can stream music from dozens of services like pan dora and spotify. >> good to know if you're going to buy a music lover something like that. >> characters from our parent company disney like never before. >> front and center for a tradition at one of the fashionable stores. >> abc news gives us a look. call it mini mad wri son avenue makeover going from this to this. glammed up, super model style for holidays. disney's most famous faces, micky, goofy. it's just for the holidays. in the windows at new york
4:50 pm
famed barney's. it's known for enly displays this year showing a brief film, mini imagining herself as a fashion show in paris with pixie dust, she's transported to the runway. sarah jessica parker gets the cartoon treatment. >> you have beautiful ears. >> thank you. >> she was there for the unveiling with our boss, disney ceo bob iger. >> it's fantasy. we imagine ourselves in a scenario different from our own. and that is the quality. >> iger hopes it's a way to keep the characters on the cutting edge of style. >> we're presenting a marriage between disney characters and high fashion it approves great characters are timeless.
4:51 pm
always in style. >> and it's for a good cause, 25% of the proceeds will go to the red cross to help victims of hurricane sandy z fear not. this story also has a happy ending. paula ferris, abc news, new york. >> you have to have traditional mini. >> yes. you do. >> very good. >> just ahead, little known bay area post office like stepping back through time, how it could be threatened by cuts. >> and coming up at 5:00 package deliveries kicking into high gear this time of the year. ups tells abc 7 news the best way to keep thieves from running off with gifts. >> he was there for me when i wasn't interest for him.
4:52 pm
>> a family shares fond memories of a brother and son they lost by a senseless
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>> you may have heard the united states postal service has money problems a deficit forcing closures and cut backs in service. abc 7 news found out, one of the local post offices on that list is a gem, a throw back to mostly to the woman who runs it. >> if you look, you might see yourself in this time lapse. relax if you can. destination is beyond the freeway, past orinda, taking a route throughout the redwoods to replace urban world does not penetrate. a community identify bid its post office. here it is. the one known for hardly ever having a line. >> so this is most of the timeq÷
4:55 pm
it's empty? >> do you get lonely? >> no. >> this should be the last word to scribe describe here. it is in canyon, serving about is 94 residents nchl a community with no door to door deliveries... everybody picks up mail here. you know all of the names? >> yes. i do. >> all addresses? >> yes. doi. >> all family history? >> yes. yes. >> all of stuff you're not supposed to know. >> some i wish i didn't know. >> you know everything about everybody. >> i pretty much do. >> what she does not know is how cut backs by the postal service will affect her and this office. >> i'm not supposed to talk to you about it. >> you can't? >> right. >> it's called post plan. >> one possibility is that postal service may cut back hours and replace wher a part time person that. doesn't please locals or her. >> i love seeing my neighbors every day. i love delivering mail to
4:56 pm
them. it's the spine of our community. >>p>,r this is. >> her grandparents ran a general store in this spot. this isn't just a building. it is the person. >> she's a friend, neighbor. and everyone relies on her. >> it is an attitude inside, and out. >> i have never seen anyone doing stretches out there. >> is that a violation of federal law? >> i don't think so. he found a dry spot to sit down. >> with that, she returned to work. there isn't as much mail as there used to be but it keeps her busy f you want to mail anything, she'll take care of it. >> so you're in limbo? >> i am. >> who is that? >> that doesn't feel good.
4:57 pm
>> wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> all right. thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> want to remind but our exclusive alarm clock app available now for your an droid phones you can down load now for free. the three-alarm clock app is still available if you have an iphone. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 begins now. >> good citizens go above and beyond to help police help a pair of thieves that struck outside of a shopping mall on friday. >> he's there for me. >> a family still raw with emotion. sharing memories of the brother and son they tloft a senseless crime spree in san jose this, is a story only on abc 7 news. >> question of the day how long can the weather last? the answer is in the accu-weather forecast coming
4:58 pm
up. >> good evening, thanks for joining us. >> dan and cheryl have the night off. we want to update you on a black friday accident turning into a horrible family tragedy. >> it has a mother, father and three daughters driving back after shopping in the south bay this morning. they crashed into back of a patrol car. >> one daughter, 24 years old thrown from the suv and died. as we first told you a family member tells us one sister has also died at stanford medical center. chp is in the confirming that, yet. >> the mother is there, in critical condition. the father two, other sisters are being treated at valley medical center. the family is just in shock. >> going somewhere for the area, maybe gilroy or
4:59 pm
somewhere. exactly, i don't know yet. they want to go to india for a marriage. >> that marriage for the women who -- woman who died. >> a family in the south bay is not spending the holiday weekend like most of us. they're preparing to bury their youngest son. he was the innocent victim of one of the violent crime sprees. today, his grieving father and brother sat down with abc 7 news's car rena rusk. >> right. both men struggling to comp thend tragedy. they wanted to expand -- extend their thanks. errory park pettiford was killed one week ago, today this, is a picture with his older brother, dylan. the two will never have a chance to pose or laugh together. dylan is trying to come do grip was

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